Val Vedello

For a long time we feel necessity for a quality change of Orobic Alps Geology that is not tied to hold ideas and models.

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Copyright Website

This site contains new geological informations that the Author think more modern and real with criticisms to the studies of the italian Official Geology

The site doesn't constitute newspaper headline , it doesn't have, however, periodic character and it is up-to-date according to the availability of the materials. Consequently cannot be considered in some way a publishing product to the senses of the L. n. 62 of 7/3/2001."Representation of small parts of figures or the quotations * in order to explanation, of small parts of precedents jobs" respects the laws on the copyrights.

Exclusion of responsibility: The informations, the sketches, the maps, the photos, are published “to the conditions in which are found”, without guarantee, express or implicit of any type, of respectof the intellectual ownerships of a third party or to a specific purpose fitness. In any case PessinaCamillo M.,  will be responsible for whatever damage of any kind.

General: Pessina Camillo M. could adjourn, to modify in any moment this page or other pages of this text. Except where expressly quoted  Pessina Camillo M. reserve him the rights of ownership and the intellectual ownership of the whole material published in this website.

(* On the basis of italian law “22 April 1941 n°633 art. 70”: “the summary, the quotation or the reproduction of passages or parts of works for purposes of criticism, of discussion and also of teaching, they are free in the limit  justified by such finalities and provided that doesn't constitute competition to the economic use of the work.” You will point out therefore the name of the Author and the source of the work from which you will come, in order to quotation, extracts small parts of the same one.)

Draftsman: Pessina Camillo M. --- Photographer : Pessina Camillo M. --- Illustrations / Figures : Pessina CamilloM. (Done except where exprexly quoted).

The total or partial reproduction of the published documents carried out from third party whit any mean and on any support suitable for the reproduction and transmission is not allowed without the written consent of the owner of the Copyrights.   

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