Val Vedello

For a long time we feel necessity for a quality change of Orobic Alps Geology that is not tied to hold ideas and models.

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Author Short History

Camillo Mario Pessina born July 1945 to the feet of the calcareous Bergamasc Prealps. It is a geologist currently retired from the job.

He has graduated with a geologic survey thesis in the Giudicarie valleys. He has worked in Eni  uranium activities  from 1974 to 1987. From 1987 to 2002 he has been recycled to the Eni  hydrocarbon activities. In the first time slice, after some experiences done in the United States, he has studied and started investigations on the Permo-Carboniferous outcropping uranium occurrences in Northern Italy, Central Alps, Seriana valley, already in the past by Agip Nucleare, Somirem and CNEN studied. The Costa Magrera uranium occurrences outcropping in the Verrucano Lombardo basal parts h’ is dealt particularly, with new and detailed geologic surveys culminated with drillings and short tunnels execution.

Subsequently an aerial radiometric prospecting in 1975 have been detected radioactivity anomalies on the mountain divide between the Valtellina valley and the hydrographic basin of the Bergamo province, in an area already point out by the CNEN in the sixties. He was entrusted of to find her on the field and to make a first evaluation. The following year was entrusted of the geologic and radiometric survey of the Vedello and Ambria valleys. The positive results carried out  allowed the progressive development of important mining works at depth in val Vedello (Sondrio) that they saw him,  first as Chief Project and then as Valtellina Operational Group manager.

Of the greatest Italian uranium deposit here underlined following the consistent underground mining jobs - as Eni employee – has planned the totality of the exploratory tunnels (11 kilometers) and the almost totality of the underground drillings  effected (50.000 meters). For almost fifteen years he has carried out  the geologic mapping and he has made  extensive sampling in Valtellina and in val Seriana on different uranium occurrences. In the Vedello valley he has performed the whole geologic underground mapping  of the eleven kilometers of tunnels, breathing for long time the “deadly gas Radon”  here present. It is mysteriously still  live and its skin is still of normal complexion.

Obviously it is promoter of the pacific use of the  nuclear one.