Val Vedello

For a long time we feel necessity for a quality change of Orobic Alps Geology that is not tied to hold ideas and models.

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The Forcellino Pass key zone

On the tectonic sketch attached of  to the geologic maps the layout of the so-called “Orobic Line” is made to pass in correspondence  of the Forcellino Pass saddle (see fig.2,3, photo1, fig.4)  where, a big reverse fault of Alpine age, direct however NE-SW, it would put to tectonic contact the pre-Alpine metamorphic basement (Morbegno Gneisses) over  the Collio Formation.

Would be enough the field examination of this “key zone” to understand the foolishness of such affirmation and the nonexistence of a “Orobic Line” in this area.

photo 1


In reality it is well visible as in outcropping the  formational boundary  happens through an extensional permian fault that dips toward East (photo 1, fig.4). The same extensional fault that interests the formational boundary between  metamorphic basement and Permian cover in the whole right of the Val Vedello. Exactly the opposite one than affirmed by the professorial ones.

Let's be ashamed of these rubbishes  that are not  science but science fiction!