Val Vedello

For a long time we feel necessity for a quality change of Orobic Alps Geology that is not tied to hold ideas and models.

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Orobic Alps Geology



This site wants to be my "HYDE PARK CORNER"; a base of liberty of opinion and report.    To seventy years from the geologic surveys of the Orobic Alps  performed by the Dutch authors and become official for the italian geology, the geologic official maps has essentially been unchanged. This is probably due to the incapability of the domestic geology to overcome and - if necessary - to contradict the dogmas of the ” foreigner” geology for probable complexes of inferiority, disorganization, lack of initiative, for a quiet life.

I have to be thankful  to Internet that allows me to publish how much  is not passed or it would not pass on the  publications of the lobbies of the official Geology and the printed paper. These “privileged”, closed in their narrow environment of collateral, tied up hands and feet to the politics and the more boorish environmentalism, inexorably block the doors to whom doesn't  belong to their elitist clans.

From years I assist to the publication of horrendous and useless rehash, chewing again, of “new” geologic or thematic papers of the Orobic  belt  where ideas stay always sticked to the geology performed from “foreigners” to the beginnings of the XX century.

Beyond recent declarations of intents of “A new geology for the Lombardy” we are in attended for a long time of the new geologic map “Sondrio” where the geology of the Orobic Central Alps shows a truth new meaning doing proper the results of big jobs of geologic and mining search completed - twenty-five years ago- by private business.

I have tried to face with some university teachers and colleagues the theme “Orobic Line” as currently conceived. For them “It” it is as the “Centrality of the earth” in comparison to the universe. Incredulity is as much after decades of official bibliographies self-referent, recopied and rebroadcasted as dogma of faith; “Sacred Writings” inspired by the “Holy Spirit” and therefore to criticize its existence involves the inquisition and the public pillory. Nothing of fact! All are run away; their credibility was taking a big risk. Nobody goes him on the field to see, to verify! All are sticked  to the bibliography: “the hammer of the Italian geologist!?” Better not producing "new" geologic papers to still propose old errors and horrors!

I conclude remembering with regret those people that parasited and parasite the knowledge of the writer to publish to their name (with the exception of little) geologic and mining novelty  gotten later more than ten years of job on the field. All this happens today still with mine unpublished recent jobs and surely will still happen.